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Clergy Counseling

I partner with clergy to advocate for healthy boundaries, promote intentional self-care practices and prevent clergy burnout.

As an ordained minister myself with over 10 years of congregational ministry experience, I can offer you a safe, clergy-informed counseling space.

Clergy burnout is on the rise and resources for clergy are limited.

Clergy may benefit from counseling when: 

- You feel overextended by congregational demands with limited support and high expectations

- Staff dynamics with fellow clergy leaders are tense and it's hard to advocate for your boundaries or confront difficult conversations

- Everyone expects you to the be minister that has it all together, so you keep giving more until find yourself pouring from an empty cup 

- Your ministry bubble is small and you want to ensure confidentiality as you safely process your concerns 

-You need a sabbatical but don't know how to begin this conversation with your congregation (or how they'll receive it)

-You find yourself engaging with your ministry calling in new ways, perhaps even questioning if this is the work you still feel called to do

Reconnect with your calling

Let's work together to help you feel empowered in your unique call to ministry. If you're ready to advocate for your own needs in the same way you advocate for the dignity and integrity of others, I encourage you to be in touch. 

Clergy-informed pastoral care and counseling that also offers an integral mental health lens is hard to find. I'm uniquely positioned and feel deeply called to support clergy in this unique space where faith and mental health can intersect in ways that do no harm. 

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