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I'd love to chat and say hello!

Your message was sent successfully! Lanta will be in touch with you soon.

So I can make sure your message gets to the right place, please use this form or sign up for a free, no-obligation 10min consultation here

If you prefer,  email me directly at :


Where's the Office?


I'm located at: 

1123 Clairmont Road

Decatur, GA 30030


(inside of the Humanly building across from the Decatur YMCA)

office with coral pillows.jpg

You're welcome here.

If your session is in-person, this is where we'll meet! 


I'm not shy about how much I love my office...

When I first walked into this space, I instantly connected with it and knew this was the office for me. I pictured the calm, inviting, relaxing therapy space it could become. 

So come join me and soak up the goodness of the natural light and peaceful vibes

as we do meaningful therapeutic work together.

Meeting virtually? I'll send a link for your sessions, and you'll still get to glimpse this peaceful space from your screen 

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