You are the expert of your life. I've never walked in your shoes. But I will commit to journeying with you in the counseling space as you process your concerns, connect with your meaning, and discover hope.

Let's work together.


I work with individuals to process concerns, deepen self-awareness, and build skills for life's stressors. 


Grief and Loss

Spiritual Abuse

Women's Issues

Clergy Care



Life Transitions

Maternal Mental Health

LGBTQIA Concerns

Identity Development

Young Adult Concerns


My work with couples is tailored to meet the specific needs of your relationship. 

Common Reasons for Seeking Help:

Conflict Resolution


Emotional Disconnect

Thoughts of Separation or Divorce

Supporting overall  relationship health

Are you a premarital couple? Learn about Premarital Counseling, and also ask me about my Wedding Officiant Services. 


 I offer play therapy sessions to explore concerns and empower resilience in your child. 

Play therapy can help children:

Become more responsible for behaviors

Develop creative solutions to problems

Build respect and acceptance of self and others

Learn to effectively express emotions

Reduce anxiety

Cultivate empathy and respect

Learn social and relational skills

Develop confidence


I work with parents to develop a parenting philosophy and build skills that can be used to address a variety of challenges.

Common Reasons for Seeking Help:

Parenting styles differences 

Discipline techniques

Power struggles

Controlling behavior

Life transition difficulties

Behavior problems with children or adolescents

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