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Stained Glass

Spiritual Trauma Counseling

I specialize in helping adults struggling with religious trauma and faith deconstruction experience healing, empowerment and wholeness.

​Spiritual wounds are often invisible but very pervasive.

You may have spiritual trauma if you have experienced: ​

- Criticism for asking questions about belief systems and structures 

- Rejection from a faith community based on your identity, beliefs, or practices

- Being told your mental health condition is a source of sin 


- Control, power, or abuse from a faith leader 

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Remember your sacredness

If you’ve experienced spiritual trauma from a faith community, a belief system, or a faith leader, I want you to know

there's a safe place to be heard.

If you're deconstructing your faith and figuring out what you do and don't believe after years of being raised in a certain faith tradition, I want you to know it's valid to honor your questions and search for your own sense of meaning.  

If you’ve been told that who you are or what you believe doesn't fit into the faith that you grew up in, I want you to know

you’re not alone and you are so worthy of love and belonging. 

If you need someone to journey with you and hold space as you navigate how to move forward, I want you know

I have a deep respect your individual spiritual autonomy (so I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't believe...)

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